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No one enjoys filling in performance reviews at companies. HR Directors and managers have to remind employees to fill in reviews. Managers and employees go through a long, complicated process where they provide a lot of feedback and nothing comes out. This creates a feedback black hole.


How might we design an enterprise dashboard to send reminders and track performance reviews completion?

The dashboard had three types of users: HR Directors, Managers, and Employees. My team focused on building out the HR Manager's flow.

Competitive analysis

Through research, 4 performance review competitors were discovered. A competitive analysis was developed after synthesizing research notes to determine which features were the most important.

Research was further validated by a visit to a competitor's headquarters. An interview was performed with the competitor's Head of Design to ask what improvements she would include in their next generation dashboard and what bugs currently existed.

Key Research Takeaways

Performance review software users:

  • preferred feedback on future improvement rather than past progress.

  • did not feel that critical feedback was conveyed in a way employees understood.

  • would prefer 360-performance reviews including peer and manager reviews.

From these takeaways, the team focused on developing a dashboard that would send reminders to users and track performance reviews completion.


Researching the Problem

A flowchart was created to focus on HR user tasks using performance review software. HR managers currently are able to passively view employees and send one-way reminders, demonstrating a lack of loop.

The lack of loop provided validation for my team to develop a dashboard that would provide more than a reminder system. 


To better understand the users of the software, we created 3 personas for each type of user: HR Director, Manager, and Employee. 

Because the flow was focused on the HR Director, we built out Elena Kim.

Initial designs

Paper sketches were created to ideate, but were brought to low-fidelity to test quickly. The team brought low-fidelity wireframes to medium fidelity because there were some questions with the navigation bar menu and employee rating system.



The team decided to focus specifically on the initial Dashboard for tracking and reminders because the rating system was more specific to the Manager's flow. The navigation bar was our main focus for iterations.

The HR Director can access the current date, days remaining, and review due dates in one location. Also, the HR Director can create employee self-assessment reports. In the center, she can view overall engagement by numbers, percentage, and status. Below, she can view completion breakdown by department.

In the navigation bar, the HR Director has an overview, can view details of all reports, all departments, her own reports, and exchange messages to Managers or Employees about completing reviews, deadlines, and feedback.