MOBILE Application product/interaction Design

photostar: photography app

Platform: MOBILE APP



Amateur users want to feel pro:

Amateur photographers enjoy sharing pictures via social media: Facebook, Instagram, or other sources. 


How might we create a mobile app that enables users to feel like a pro (without professional equipment/experiences) as they take photos with their camera phone?



To establish a high-level product vision for Photostar, we compliled a Stakeholder Interview Script

These were a few of the questions my team focused on for our Product Design Roadmap:

  • What is your vision for the Photostar product?
  • Who is the product for?
  • What is the product's impact?
  • What are the benefits for the business?
  • How will you define success?
  • Can Photostar work with other cameras besides the phone camera?

We circulated an Ecosystem Map for our stakeholders to fill out to get a better idea of the product and stakeholder goals.

ecosystem map.png

User interviews

Researching the Problem

We initially identified our users as photography hobbyists who use their camera phones to take and share photos. Our users would likely be active and enjoy sharing pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

Initially, we created a list of questions we would like to ask our users. An interview script was created and six users were identified to practice our interviews on. From these interviews, we mined six user interviews for common themes. These common themes were arranged into an Affinity Map

To complement the Affinity Map, we mapped these themes on a continua based on each user.

Persona: meet Melanie Swift

From our research and continua, Melanie Swift was fleshed out as a user of the Photostar app. Melanie's goals, pains, and gains were the main focus.


Over 10 sketches were initially created. After multiple rounds of ideation based on user flow and consistency, a final paper prototype was created to show stakeholders as an initial deliverable.


Nav consistency.

Because Blair is animated, she is fun, relatable, and will not cause any problems between my persona, Brian Tan and his girlfriend.


Blair is Facebook Messenger chatbot that can be accessed by searching "Blair" in a user's contacts. Once a user clicks on Blair, Blair is voice-activated and speaks, introducing herself. Blair is always listening, like Siri and Alexa, but interactive. The user can ask Blair for a restaurant recommendation using her voice or chat. Blair will respond with both voice and chat. 

Blair's voice feature can be turned off by turning the volume off the user's phone or clicking the back button so the bot stops speaking.

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