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Conversions Summit 2019 in NYC

Had a great time at Conversions Summit 2019 in NYC! This is the first time Conversions has been hosted in the Americas, and I was excited to learn a lot and volunteer for the summit.

The day before the summit, I was on swag bag duty…so I got a chance to see the calm before the storm. The team had been planning this summit for months, so there was a lot of energy in the air…excitement for everything to come together!


The morning of Day 1, I headed straight to the office at 8AM. We set up signs and got ready to direct our invited guests to different areas. All the volunteers were Google employees who had day jobs in UX, Engineering, or Ads — we all got a great opportunity to chat with other marketing funnel experts we had worked with and learn from Sephora and Spotify’s experts!

Day 2 included breakout sessions involving Performance and Speed, A/B Testing, and Design Sprints. I had the chance to sit in on Performance and Speed —and afterwards offer UX expertise on mobile sites.

This was my first Conversions Summit and I really enjoyed getting to know other Googlers Europe and Asia, who came in to support our summit. Getting facetime with people who’s names I had only seen on emails from Sydney was very valuable to me.

Also, it was exciting to chat with new marketing friends from different industries that had flown in across the country. As a UX Designer, I’d only tangentially worked with marketing in the past but Conversions was an avenue for me to have conversations to bridge the gap and find partners between UX and marketing!

I’d highly recommend attending a Conversions summit if you get the chance to!

Thanks! Feedback and Iterative Design

November means it’s almost Thanksgiving! Around Thanksgiving, I like to reflect over the past year and think about what’s great, what could have been improved, and overall highlights. Think of it like a yearly progress report.

For me, feedback is a really important part of learning. How can I grow? How can I develop? What skills can I gain? What am I good at? These are a few questions I try to ask myself to learn more about how I can be better. In school, when students are measured on a metric of grades, perfection is the goal. But in seeking feedback, I’m looking more for what I’m good at, and how I can substantively improve…and iterate my life accordingly!

We’ll start with the good. This year, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about my IGTV videos, ability to learn digital marketing and branding, and skills in synthesis and facilitation. Further, I’ve started tracking food and money —learning more about myself and creating actionable insights of how I plan my week. I’ll consider those my pro’s.

I also have learned that I want to learn more in the areas of presenting more, leadership, and communication. Something I picked up from a friend at a hackathon is perhaps a bi-weekly check-in about “How am I doing on a scale of 1-10?” and following up with “How can I be a 10?” to get more imminent, actionable feedback.

Will end on a few things I’m grateful for this holiday season:

  • Family (spouse, parents, brothers, cousins coming out to support me)

  • Self-Awareness (to reflect on and learn more about myself)

  • Good Coffee (for the last push of the semester for grad school!)

UX + Animation in Social Media

I've been thinking a lot about the UX of social media lately. Instagram is currently the most relevant platform and I am trying to think about how to create the best Instagram experience. In

1. Branding
Consistent visual language is essential. How do you show off your brand while reflecting your personal self? Everyone is a brand. I personally think there is a trade-off. You either focus more on your professional work, or you focus on your personal life. It's hard to balance either --so as a designer, you make the choice of what to focus.

2. Animation
People stay on animations/videos longer. In comparison to flat designs, Instagram users will linger on video content longer. This makes sense because users can easily scroll past flat design on a feed, whereas animation or video will keep a user's attention for maybe 6-7 seconds.

But how might we create an experience that allows users to ENGAGE with an animation/video?

3. IGTV - What is this?
Instagram is trying to come at Vine and Youtube with IGTV. Ideally, IGTV would have been within the Instagram platform, instead of requiring users to download another app. However, Instagram users can definitely

 So my question is: What's a good IGTV Experience? Is it a short minute long clip, similar to Instagram Stories or Instagram Live? Why would users choose to use IGTV over Stories or Live? Stories is the most commonly used and seamless experience --what makes IGTV better?

The Scrum Funnel is UX focused

What is Scrum?

Scrum is made of a Scrum Team + Scrum Events that deliver Scrum Artifacts.

The Scrum Team is made of people/roles who attend Scrum Events (i.e. Sprint, Sprint Planning) to create Scrum Artifacts (i.e. a Product Backlog).

There is a funnel effect because if there is no Scrum Team, there will be no Scrum Events, and no Scrum Artifacts will be created.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 1.16.52 AM.png

That's why we focus on the Scrum Team. The People. And this is why Scrum is Human-Centric...and user experience is integral.