Conversions Summit 2019 in NYC

Had a great time at Conversions Summit 2019 in NYC! This is the first time Conversions has been hosted in the Americas, and I was excited to learn a lot and volunteer for the summit.

The day before the summit, I was on swag bag duty…so I got a chance to see the calm before the storm. The team had been planning this summit for months, so there was a lot of energy in the air…excitement for everything to come together!


The morning of Day 1, I headed straight to the office at 8AM. We set up signs and got ready to direct our invited guests to different areas. All the volunteers were Google employees who had day jobs in UX, Engineering, or Ads — we all got a great opportunity to chat with other marketing funnel experts we had worked with and learn from Sephora and Spotify’s experts!

Day 2 included breakout sessions involving Performance and Speed, A/B Testing, and Design Sprints. I had the chance to sit in on Performance and Speed —and afterwards offer UX expertise on mobile sites.

This was my first Conversions Summit and I really enjoyed getting to know other Googlers Europe and Asia, who came in to support our summit. Getting facetime with people who’s names I had only seen on emails from Sydney was very valuable to me.

Also, it was exciting to chat with new marketing friends from different industries that had flown in across the country. As a UX Designer, I’d only tangentially worked with marketing in the past but Conversions was an avenue for me to have conversations to bridge the gap and find partners between UX and marketing!

I’d highly recommend attending a Conversions summit if you get the chance to!