Leadership, Designing Culture, and Stand Up Comedy

In 2019, I’ve been focused on culture. Last week at work, my team (Marquee) participated in a 2-day long workshop to design culture. We participated in service design activities: creating a mixed-media collage about team culture and identity.

A few questions we asked ourselves are:

  • Who are we?

  • What do we do?

  • How do we provide value?

  • How do others see us?

Recently, I’ve also started taking Stand Up classes at Caroline’s School of Comedy. I’m learning a lot about presentation and leadership. I’ve discovered that I’m great at content and learning how to write a joke —but jokes are hard to write. A good UX writer is a strong boon to a team! My growth area is delivery - I want to be able to deliver like Alex or Mas in my class, who come full-on with energy!

I’m trying out a new routine during my Tuesday class.

I’m trying out a new routine during my Tuesday class.

Last week was Spring Break for Parsons. I’m a big reader and read David Ogilvy’s books On Advertising and Confessions of an Advertising Man. Although I am primarily a UX/Product Designer, I wanted to model after a creative leader.

I discovered that Ogilvy was a character! He is certainly a hard worker (80-hours a week) and a very engaging copywriter. But what stuck out to me is that Ogilvy was first a researcher —he references the importance of research and testing, and highlights his time working with Dr. Gallup. Ogilvy was extremely data-driven and felt it was important to write copy with specific facts - data - that would appeal best to his customers.

Sounds like a UX-er to me.

Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.”
-David Ogilvy

Happy International Women's Day!

For International Women’s Day, I attended the Women in Industry event at General Assembly in NYC. Strong female leaders from Disney, Uber, Nike, and Dow Jones came out to represent and speak up about the importance of leading with inclusion.

Here’s a full house at General Assembly for International Women’s Day!


It was also 2 of my classmates from Parsons’ Birthdays. So we took a Parsons Women in Design photo to celebrate the birthdays. Classmates from Colombia, Peru, India, Taiwan, and China all came out —and I was one of the few Americans.

I’m hoping to create a platform for voices of classmates at my Parsons Masters of Strategic Design program to talk about their life experiences, stories, design, and what drew them to Parsons in the new future. Look forward to my attempt to define inclusion and diversity at Parsons through new media coming soon!