Adobe Max 2018 - My Speaking Experience

Adobe gave me and my partner, Sharon Rajkumar, the honor of speaking at a session at Adobe Max. Our session was highly interactive, with audience participation, a fun break, scenarios, and a timer as a prize. Over 100 people signed up for our session — and it was an exciting experience.


Overall, we had a very well sync-ed presentation. We swapped off well and had interesting scenarios. The adrenaline gave us the extra burst of energy to do our best run. Initially, we provided the audience with post-its to provide us feedback with, and the audience was engaged, and provided us a lot of great positive reinforcement and support.


I always like to look for areas of improvement for my next round. It was a big presentation, so nervousness was a factor — definitely more practice and speaking in front of larger would be a benefit.

Also, we both synced on similar styles because our theme was women supporting women. Next time, I would make sure we differentiated our styles to play foils/contrast. We tried a foil dynamic in future meetings about our idea and it worked very well, so I would adapt this into future presentations. Part of styles is authenticity — being comfortable in your own skin. Next time, I plan to wear black or jeans. Projecting an image is great, and I hate to sound cliched, but being yourself is much better.


Week 1: MS Strategic Design + Management @ Parsons

Just started my part-time MS of Strategic Design and Management at Parsons this week. It's been a bit hectic figuring my schedule because my Thursday section was cancelled, but I think I've landed on a final schedule!

Here are the classes I am taking for my Fall semester:

Managing Creative Teams
I'm really interested in this course because it's directly related to what I'm doing right now. Our Week 1-2 readings involve Lean UX and Getting to Yes. The projects seem to involve service design and I'm excited to form and meet my team because I'll be able to practice skills I will hopefully be able to take to working with project teams in the future.

Sustainable Business Models
This is a higher-level class that focuses on the firm-level. During my first class, we had a roundtable discussing the ideas of sustainability and how there is a tension between being able to last and adapting through changes. This is a toughie because older companies tend to have legacy systems that are resistant to is the solution to work with younger companies or tech companies that embrace innovation?

SD + M New Economies
New Economies embraces strategic design at a macro level --the economy. During the first class, we looked at a nonprofit's business model and whether it would work in a corrupt country. We considered systems and how design might be able to play a role in effecting a change...whether a small change can make a big change. Or whether big changes can effect wide-scale behavioral changes.

There's been a lot of reading this week and I feel that I'm learning a lot of economics and theory. I was a women's studies major, so my background about econ basically involves friends who wanted to be econ professors. My program is a creative business Masters Degree, so I get the best of business chops in design school.