Fall in Full Swing: Work + School + Yoga Teacher Training

Fall has hit the air! I’m currently balancing work, 3 courses for my part-time masters program, and yoga teacher training. Personally, I can’t say much about work-life balance because this is an area I have to work on, but I feel very productive right now.

In terms of work, I just flew back from LA from facilitating a client workshop and spoke at a NY Design Sprint about Qualitative and Quantitative Research. I’ll be flying a lot until November, so I’ll be racking up those miles and coffee cups.

Parsons classes have been going well. Organizational Behavior is fascinating to me — we talked about types of structures and hierarchies (structure is NOT hierarchy) today and discussed whether certain models of organizations could work. Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting to my Regulatory + Ethics class about data and employee privacy…pretty fitting, given my background as a patent attorney. Over the entire semester, I’ve been interviewing and doing card sorting exercises with students, teachers, and professionals for my Design Research class to define “What is Strategic Design” and figure out how to help strategic design students articulate their value.

In terms of personal development, I’ve been using Headspace a lot to meditate and reflect. I think Headspace gives busy New Yorkers and opportunity to pause and think, which is a luxury in a city where everyone is time-poor. To complement meditation, I’m about to head into Week 4 of my 11-week Yoga Teacher Training at Y-7. While this has taken up my weekends, I’ve learned to prioritize my little free time left wisely —and spend it with people I care about doing things I really enjoy.

When school ends in May, I’m hoping to be able to prioritize better…and my 2020 resolution is to become an essentialist and focus on fewer, better things.