Parsons MS Strategic Design + Management Year 2, Fall 2019 Kickoff!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! I’m getting back into the swing of things with school right now. Work has been great — onboarding to my team is going very smoothly and I am really enjoying my day-to-day and find my projects interesting and challenging.

At night, I’m taking Design Research, Regulatory and Ethics, and Organizational Behavior. So far, I’ve been managing my time pretty well and trying to put myself first. I really appreciate Jerome Goh for putting in extra time to meet with me for Design Research each week because I can’t make the class time on Sunday.

Tomorrow is my first meeting with my Regulatory and Ethics class. I’ve known most of the students from my online courses last year in New Economies —I see Caitlin, Guillaume, and Kayla pop up —so it’s great to see familiar faces.

Organizational Behavior has been the most interesting class for me. I’m auditing the class through The New School and my professor is a management anarchist. While that seems like it may not make sense, the class offers me a really interesting perspective, completely different from the Libertarian values I grew up thinking I had. My classmates are also from The New School rather than Parsons, so I appreciate the diversity in thinking and ideas!

Excited to kick off the semester because Fall is my favorite season! I’m also doing Yoga Teacher Training on the weekends at Y7 in NYC and writing for Hexagon this fall.

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