First Year of Parsons MS SDM - Review

Just wrapped up my first year of SDM at Parsons!

Here are a few of my thoughts about my second semester

Design Leadership and Innovation:
Overall, I liked Keith Venkitswaren as a professor a lot. Keith is empathetic, funny, engaging, and able to keep the class talking because he is a strong facilitator. This class was very reflective and allowed me to identify strengths and weaknesses —and focus on what I am good at.

My strengths are writing, strategy, brainstorming, analysis, and synthesizing. I’m pretty good at research and getting data-driven insights — both qualitative and quantitative.

This was a crazier class. A lot of Studio was focused on brainstorming and the “storm” of creativity. Our final output product was a print guidebook for collaboration spaces for new incoming students. While this product was visually pleasing, I wish that there had been more process —method to the madness. Perhaps because I’m so data-focused, it was hard for me to understand and engage with an idea that had no clear Objectives or Key Results (and we did not really create them). Without a clear roadmap or idea what success, I was unsure how to proceed towards our goal(?). Maybe I will gain more clarity next year.

End of 1st year has been really eventful. Next year, I am taking Research Methods with Jerome Goh from IDEO and a Facilitation Lab with Mark Lipton.

I’d love to share all the other great things happening, but that will be in the next blog :)