Noun Project Iconathon @ SVA

What’s an Iconathon? It’s a hackathon where designers create icons. Noun Project and SVA hosted an Iconathon to redefine icons that communicate “boss” and “entrepreneur” and I had the chance to work with an amazing team of designers to create some fun icons.

My dream has always been able to create new emojis in an emoji lab, and the Iconathon was an exciting, safe space for me to explore what this might be like. Some of my team members are visual designers by day —and great people to learn icon-making skills from.

Our Icon Making Process:
1) Diverge: Each teammate sketched out different ideas of our prompt (for example: “gamer”)


2) Affinity: We identified areas we liked on each other’s sketches

3) Converge: Each team member started sketching more focused ideas of what they liked.

4) Crit: All the teams put their drawings up on the wall.

5) Converge: We voted! Icons with the most vote would be vectorized and created by Noun Project for their collection.

What happened? My team’s “Gamer” Icon got a love of love. It might become part of Noun Project’s female icon collection —keep an eye out!