Leadership, Designing Culture, and Stand Up Comedy

In 2019, I’ve been focused on culture. Last week at work, my team (Marquee) participated in a 2-day long workshop to design culture. We participated in service design activities: creating a mixed-media collage about team culture and identity.

A few questions we asked ourselves are:

  • Who are we?

  • What do we do?

  • How do we provide value?

  • How do others see us?

Recently, I’ve also started taking Stand Up classes at Caroline’s School of Comedy. I’m learning a lot about presentation and leadership. I’ve discovered that I’m great at content and learning how to write a joke —but jokes are hard to write. A good UX writer is a strong boon to a team! My growth area is delivery - I want to be able to deliver like Alex or Mas in my class, who come full-on with energy!

I’m trying out a new routine during my Tuesday class.

I’m trying out a new routine during my Tuesday class.

Last week was Spring Break for Parsons. I’m a big reader and read David Ogilvy’s books On Advertising and Confessions of an Advertising Man. Although I am primarily a UX/Product Designer, I wanted to model after a creative leader.

I discovered that Ogilvy was a character! He is certainly a hard worker (80-hours a week) and a very engaging copywriter. But what stuck out to me is that Ogilvy was first a researcher —he references the importance of research and testing, and highlights his time working with Dr. Gallup. Ogilvy was extremely data-driven and felt it was important to write copy with specific facts - data - that would appeal best to his customers.

Sounds like a UX-er to me.

Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.”
-David Ogilvy