Studio Sync + Resonant Leadership

I’m currently in Week 4 of my MS Strategic Design and Management. My studio team had our design crit last week and I’ve taught an Inversion during Design Leadership class on What is Resonant Leadership.

For design crit, my studio class’s prompt was to make a map of Parsons as a whole —with the constraint that we could not use geography. My team decided to research all the faculty’s backgrounds (there are 1400 professors at Parsons listed!) —and we learned that many faculty are entrepreneurs and come from a background in Architecture. My team decided to map faculty by where they had taught previously (teaching experience) to see if there was a connection — but after crit, we have decided to take a different route to look at both where faculty are from and where alumni go.

Design Innovation and Leadership has been an exercise in self-awareness. I taught a class on Resonant Leadership with my partner Vonetta and learned about the importance of being Positive Emotional Attractor (PEA). People gravitate to positive people (14 neurons in your brain light up), and away from negative people. Also, I looked at the dichotomy between those who give feedback and mentors. Mentors and people who provide feedback can provide the same information, but present in different ways. As resonant leaders, mentors present positive feedback, in terms of growth potential and goals.

Who do you look at as a resonant leader?

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