40 Girls Who Code: Facilitation Workshop

"There will be 40 girls. We'll split into 4 groups of 10."

Those words struck fear and excitement in me. Earlier this month, I'd volunteered to help run a design thinking workshop for Girls Who Code. In this workshop, I'd help facilitate a design activity with 3 other female designers. The high school girls were split into teams of 10 and we each had to help them solve a prompt.

Our prompt was: How can we create a mentoring app for Maria (our persona), a high school girl who wants to be a policewoman, to get advice?

The girls in the team I worked with came up with brainstormed ideas in paper sketches separately. They identified the strong sketchers, and combined their ideas into a master paper prototype.


Some ideas I found really interesting were links to Quora, Podcasts, and other resources to create a library for advice.

My best takeaway from this workshop was from my team themselves. One of the louder voices on the team stepped aside to give one of the quieter girls with many great ideas the chance to present. This was a great example of women supporting women, and a real example of true leadership!