UX + Animation in Social Media

I've been thinking a lot about the UX of social media lately. Instagram is currently the most relevant platform and I am trying to think about how to create the best Instagram experience. In

1. Branding
Consistent visual language is essential. How do you show off your brand while reflecting your personal self? Everyone is a brand. I personally think there is a trade-off. You either focus more on your professional work, or you focus on your personal life. It's hard to balance either --so as a designer, you make the choice of what to focus.

2. Animation
People stay on animations/videos longer. In comparison to flat designs, Instagram users will linger on video content longer. This makes sense because users can easily scroll past flat design on a feed, whereas animation or video will keep a user's attention for maybe 6-7 seconds.

But how might we create an experience that allows users to ENGAGE with an animation/video?

3. IGTV - What is this?
Instagram is trying to come at Vine and Youtube with IGTV. Ideally, IGTV would have been within the Instagram platform, instead of requiring users to download another app. However, Instagram users can definitely

 So my question is: What's a good IGTV Experience? Is it a short minute long clip, similar to Instagram Stories or Instagram Live? Why would users choose to use IGTV over Stories or Live? Stories is the most commonly used and seamless experience --what makes IGTV better?