My First Google Design Sprint - LA 2019

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to help facilitate my first Design Sprint at Google! The event was for outsiders and we worked with some of the best marketing and design minds in California.

The Design Sprint format was pretty standard, but we compressed it all into a day. In the morning session, Googlers gave lightning talks. Below are some pictures I took of Indre, who spoke about Accessibility in UX; and Phil, who gave a broader overview of Mobile Web.

Here’s Indre presenting on Accessibility!

Here’s Indre presenting on Accessibility!

And Phil, who kept the audience at attention during his Mobile Web presentation.

And Phil, who kept the audience at attention during his Mobile Web presentation.

In the afternoon, I also presented in a breakout session on A/B Testing best practices, and hope to get photos to share soon.

At the end of the sprint, we gathered teams into smaller groups to share their learnings. Here, the team shared their prototype they designed on mobile! That was pretty impressive, and I’m hoping that they implement what they designed and learned from the Sprint.

Check in for any updates for the next Design Sprint coming up…fall is a busy time and things are about to get into full swing!

Conversions Summit 2019 in NYC

Had a great time at Conversions Summit 2019 in NYC! This is the first time Conversions has been hosted in the Americas, and I was excited to learn a lot and volunteer for the summit.

The day before the summit, I was on swag bag duty…so I got a chance to see the calm before the storm. The team had been planning this summit for months, so there was a lot of energy in the air…excitement for everything to come together!


The morning of Day 1, I headed straight to the office at 8AM. We set up signs and got ready to direct our invited guests to different areas. All the volunteers were Google employees who had day jobs in UX, Engineering, or Ads — we all got a great opportunity to chat with other marketing funnel experts we had worked with and learn from Sephora and Spotify’s experts!

Day 2 included breakout sessions involving Performance and Speed, A/B Testing, and Design Sprints. I had the chance to sit in on Performance and Speed —and afterwards offer UX expertise on mobile sites.

This was my first Conversions Summit and I really enjoyed getting to know other Googlers Europe and Asia, who came in to support our summit. Getting facetime with people who’s names I had only seen on emails from Sydney was very valuable to me.

Also, it was exciting to chat with new marketing friends from different industries that had flown in across the country. As a UX Designer, I’d only tangentially worked with marketing in the past but Conversions was an avenue for me to have conversations to bridge the gap and find partners between UX and marketing!

I’d highly recommend attending a Conversions summit if you get the chance to!

Orientation Part 2 - Back to MTV

I’ve had a great time onboarding to Google and learning about my new role. This week, I’m back in Mountain View for my divisional training. It’s been pretty exciting to meet all the new folks and reconnect with old friends…someone on my partner team who went to high school with me in Texas 15 years ago! What a small world.

Here are some photos from Orientation Part 2! Today is only Day 1 of 3. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Some of the fun swag!

Some of the fun swag!

5 Tools for Data-Driven Design - Released!

I’m really excited to announce that I am now a published writer. Last month, 5 Tools for Data-Driven Design was released on the Amazon Kindle store and available via paperback as well. Check out my book here.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 12.26.44 AM.png

In terms of Data-Driven Design, I have been learning a lot about useful testing tools at Google. Youtube videos have been super helpful in guiding me through using Google Optimize.

Starting @ Google: Noogler Orientation in MTV

Just started at Google on Monday with a bang! Hopped on a plane from a vacation in Italy to Newark to Mountain View, where I did my Noogler training.

Day 1:
I was really impressed how smoothly and quickly all of us up and ready. Google was ready for us and we were ready to hit the ground running. The rest of the day revolved around the usual forms and processes and an introduction to Google.

After we finished Day 1, I hopped on the cross campus bus to the Googleplex to sightsee. I saw the T-Rex and volleyball courts from The Internship, but also really enjoyed the Android Sculpture Shop. Because I’m based in NYC and my fam is in TX (and really wanted swag), I hopped into a food area to order family Google gear sent directly to home.


Day 2:
The day started off super early with a ton of onboarding information. Most of the day was spent on talking about Google’s culture, diversity, and inclusion. I really enjoyed the focus on culture and the small details, showing a lot of thought and effort Google put into having each of us at orientation. To me, I felt that Google really does care about its employees.

At lunch, we sat with people in our groups. I met a lot of interesting, authentic people of all sorts of roles from the LA office, MTV, Sunnyvale, San Francisco who would work on Ads/Adwords with me. I found everyone to be genuinely nice, curious, and like I had found my tribe!

At the end of the day, we all got our graduation caps. They are awesome little hats with propellers that say “Noogler” on them…and we tossed them!

To celebrate, I hopped on the Google bus into the city and got off at Haight to try out the transportation. It took a little more than an hour, but the buses were very spacious, cool, and I slept most of the way. I celebrated the end of Noogler with friends at Hawker Fare in the Mission district in SF.

I am so excited to be part of Google..such a great group of people in a relevant place with such amazing culture making real impacts on peoples’ lives!