Who is Amelia Sans?


Who is Amelia


Amelia.Sans is a 10-episode video production/content creation project. My challenge was to capitalize in viewership: "How might I create the most engaging user experience for lurkers on social media?"


What’s your content like?



ABB: Always Be Branding. Control your own narrative, future.


IGTV Videos

Producing is hard. Post-Production is harder. Be Extra. Learn Premiere.

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Insta Stories

No one pays attention to stories that aren’t relevant, timely, or fun.

What's Next? Partnerships!

Amelia.Sans videos will be going on hold while I concentrate on Adobe Max 2018 and MS @ Parsons. Amelia Sans Season 2 will come out soon. Any feedback or ideas for topics are appreciated!

BUT: Amelia.Sans is always looking for the right partners for that design lifestyle.

To work together, hit me up: amelia.wong.sander@gmail.com or @amelia.sans